Today’s fashion world is a buzz with such a varied assortment of brands and labels, catering to an equally diverse range of age groups, customers and their different lifestyles. International or local, these brands attract customers according to variables like fashion sense and trends, design, price and affordability and popularity.

Ask any fashion-conscious female what she owns in her wardrobe and she would probably have to wade through a lengthy explanation that only goes to underline the multitude of choices available today. The same for today’s males who are just as fashionable and selective, some may say fussy, of what adorns their body so as to reflect their personality.

How then does an up-and-coming fashion label like G&H stand apart and be noticed, selected and become a much sought-after label and become a preferred brand within such a highly-competitive fashion scene?

At VOIR, the G&H label is in for some exciting times as its brand personality exudes a fresh, youthfulness that is sure to appeal to the young adults searching for good fashionable apparel with that international persona.
G&H is represented by Gene and Hue (pronounced Huey), the male and female pair to personify this label.